kayecee is an african american creative and artist from baton rouge, louisiana. at a young age, she picked up a camera, a brush and a pen and the rest is history. since then, she has been striving to make a career out of what she is undoubtedly passionate about.  

like all artists, kayecee has her niche; she primarily writes science fiction stories. occasionally, she dabs in the genres of mystery, crime, and thriller. in addition to that, she is a poet that uses her poems as a forum for her life experiences in hopes that she will inspire and comfort others who are facing similar circumstances. she is also an abstract painter whose work is highly intuitive and is largely influenced by the styles of impressionism and expressionism.

kayecee is a photographer as well although it is more of a hobby to her. because she spends her free time in nature, the subject of her photographs are usually things found there such as flowers, sunsets, bodies of water, etc.

outside of art, she is a student that aspires to be a curator and conservator, she enjoys traveling, she plays The Sims religiously, and she is particularly fond of spending time with her boyfriend and loved ones.