When I first began this journey of being an artist, i was a child that just wanted to create. It took periods of non stop creativity, and periods of creativity stagnancy to get where I am today, but I wouldn’t change being an artist because it is not what I do but who I am. Once I truly began to accept that this was my passion and destiny, I soon began to realize that art was my home because it is where I would always find my way back to no matter how far I strayed from it. 
— kayecee


kirsten “kayecee” campbell is a twenty-five year old multi-talented african american creative and artist from baton rouge, louisiana. at a young age, art entered her life and changed her forever. in 2013, kayecee decided that itw as time to turn her creativity into a business; thus, creations by kayecee was born after years of creating privately. she’s best known for her abstract paintings; however, she is also a speculative and science fiction writer, an abstract photographer, poet, and curator. she is currently pursuing her master’s in art history with an emphasis on african american artists and she has aspirations of opening her own gallery and museum to continue fostering and facilitating the preservation of african american history and culture in her hometown upon graduating. when she is not involved in her artistic endeavors, she is working as a tutor, traveling, reading books, visiting museums and galleries, playing The Sims religiously, or spending time with her family.